Are you struggling with your assignment, dissertation or any other academic piece of work?
Maybe you just do not know where to start?
I can help you with this…

  HELPING YOU LIFT YOUR GRADE – lifting your grade will not only raise your confidence but will also enable you to rediscover the joy of learning
  CRITICAL ASSESSMENT – a vital part of your academic study. Natalie can help you develop the ability to critically assess and evaluate material
  ACADEMIC ADVICE – Natalie is able to provide you with advice and support whilst also maintaining an overview of your learning journey
  DISSERTATION SUPPORT – Natalie is an experienced dissertation supervisor and has supported many students over the years in developing research proposals, literature reviews and providing a general overview of the dissertation itself
  STUDY SKILLS – Natalie has many years experience in teaching study skills, research skills and helping prepare students for exams by enhancing revision techniques and planning

Remember – you are an individual and your journey with me will be tailored to your needs and requirements.
I can work with you in person or remotely via Skype, WhatsApp etc.
I look forward to working with you!

Session Costs

Introductory Consultation

£ 0

Up to 15 minutes via phone, email or social media to assess your learning needs

One Hour Consultation

45 £ 35

An in depth private academic tutoring session focussed on meeting your learning needs

Four One Hour Consultations

150 £ 120

If you make a block booking of four consultations, you will be eligible for our special rate